IGSI… a cozy little place for creative workshops for someone who looks for inspiration, seeks knowledge and wants to have some fun with it.

You will find us in the heart of Vilnius, in beautiful and arty Užupis
which attracts everybody from artists to politicians, students and city guests.

Would you like to wear something original, you create it here. Would you
like to know how to make it yourself, you go through the whole creative process, from inspiration to learning and creating something wearable new. Would you need an advise, we will help you to find the style, design and colours that suit you best, choose fabrics of quality and at a reasonable price.

We guarantee you it will be fun to be a part of a creative process of your
new garment(s), freshen up your closet and meet new friends. Let’s get started!

IGSI…  Inspiring Good Sense In… Ideas Garments Style Impulses… and more…